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Integrating Auvik with ConnectWise Manage


Auvik integrates with ConnectWise Manage for alert notifications and inventory sync.

ConnectWise Manage has two installation types:

  • Cloud, which is hosted by ConnectWise Manage
  • On Premise, which is hosted inside your network on a local server

Although Auvik supports both ConnectWise Manage Cloud and On Premise, when you create a new ConnectWise Manage integration in Auvik, it defaults to ConnectWise Manage Cloud. You don’t have the option to select ConnectWise Manage On-Premise.

But don’t worry—even if you have a self-hosted instance of ConnectWise Manage, if it can be accessed outside of your office without a VPN connection, cloud is the way to go.

If your self-hosted instance of ConnectWise Manage can’t be accessed outside of your office without a VPN connection, contact Auvik support and we’ll work with you to get your ConnectWise Manage integration set up properly.


To set up an Auvik integration with ConnectWise Manage, first follow the steps below to create a new integrator login. Then create the new integration in Auvik.The configurations for ConnectWise Manage Cloud and On Premise are the same, with one minor difference: For On Premise, you’ll need to select the Auvik collector that will be used to talk to your On Premise instance of ConnectWise Manage.

You'll also find ConnectWise Manage integration instructions in Auvik's ConnectWise Manage Marketplace listing, on the Documentation tab.

Before you set up the integration between Auvik and ConnectWise Manage, make sure the ConnectWise Manage service boards you’ll use with the integration are fully configured. A service board and its status must be active for it to be used. If the service board or a mapped status are inactive, Auvik alerts won’t create or update tickets in ConnectWise Manage.

Communications between ConnectWise Manage and Auvik

Integration between ConnectWise Manage and Auvik can be set up for two-way communication.

Two-way communication flows from Auvik to ConnectWise Manage and back to Auvik. Auvik creates a ConnectWise Manage service ticket for any specified alert within Auvik. Closing the service ticket in ConnectWise Manage then flows information back to Auvik to automatically dismiss the associated alert.

Retrieve the callback URL from Auvik

To set up a new integration between Auvik and ConnectWise Manage, first add the new integration and retrieve the callback URL from Auvik.

  1. From the Auvik dashboard, click Integrations in the side navigation bar.
  2. Hover over the Add Integration button and choose ConnectWise Manage.
  3. Copy the callback URL by clicking the Copy button. The URL will look something like

Once you have copied the callback URL, don’t close this window as you’ll need it again later to complete the setup within Auvik. If closed before the setup is completed, you will need to go back and update the callback URL that was previously copied and entered in for the integrator in ConnectWise Manage.

Creating a new integrator login in ConnectWise Manage

The integrator is used for connecting Auvik to your ConnectWise Manage instance.

Before creating an integrator in ConnectWise Manage, be sure at least one service board is available for selection on the integrator.

  1. Log into the ConnectWise Manage desktop client.
  2. From the navigation menu, click System, then Setup Tables.


  1. Under the table column, enter Integrator Login and click the row from the search results that come up.


  1. Click Add.


  1. Enter a username and password for the new integrator login.
  2. For the Integrator, select the Access Level of All Records.
  3. Check Service Ticket API.
  4. Select the desired service board.
  5. Under Service Ticket API, paste the callback URL copied from the Auvik Add Integration form.
  6. Check Company API.
  7. Check Reporting API.
  8. Check Configuration API.
  9. Click Save.

Note: When you create an integration in Auvik for ConnectWise Manage On Premise, you have the option of providing the hostname or IP address of your ConnectWise Manage server. If providing a hostname, make sure your Auvik collector can resolve the the server’s IP.

A quick test here would be to do an nslookup against the ConnectWise Manage server’s IP and ensure it resolves.

$ nslookup
Server: x.x.x.x
Address: x.x.x.x#53
Non-authoritative answer:
Address: x.x.x.x

If you receive the reply shown below, double-check that your collector is querying your local DNS servers to resolve your private hostname. If it isn’t, configure the collector to use your local DNS servers for name resolution.

$ nslookup
Server: x.x.x.x
Address: x.x.x.x#53
Non-authoritative answer:
*** Can't find No answer

How to add a new integration in Auvik

To confirm the correct password was entered before saving, click the eye () in the password field to show the password. To hide the password, click the eye () again.

  1. Return to the browser where the Auvik Add ConnectWise Manage Integration form is still open.
  2. In Auvik, fill in the following detail:
    1. Integration name
    2. ConnectWise Manage URL
    3. ConnectWise Manage Company Name
    4. ConnectWise Manage username
    5. ConnectWise Manage password
  3. Click Test Connection to confirm your settings are accurate.
  4. Click Next
  5. Select additional Company Statuses or Company Types you’d like synced from ConnectWise Manage to Auvik.


  1. Click Save.

If the test connection shows a warning, check the integrator settings within ConnectWise Manage. It could be the access level for the integrator needs a tweak. Although all access levels should work the same, there’s the off chance your ConnectWise Manage configuration requires the integrator access level to be All Records.

If the test connection spins or a failed message appears, see How do I troubleshoot issues with my Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration? for possible resolutions.

Before you can use the ConnectWise Manage integration, there are four final configuration steps:

  1. Mapping your ConnectWise Manage customers to your Auvik clients (only applicable if you add the integration from your MSP dashboard),
  2. Defining your inventory sync (if you plan to use inventory),
  3. Defining how alerts are to be sent between Auvik and ConnectWise Manage. Including adding the appropriate service boards and setting which is the default service board. You can add as many service boards as you like, though you can have only one default board.
  4. Create the appropriate notification channels to be associated with Auvik alerts that are sent to ConnectWise Manage. If you’d like, you can also add a distinct notification channel for each ConnectWise Manage service board. This is great if you have different boards set up for different work. Associate the notification channel to each alert that’s to be sent to ConnectWise Manage.
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