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Command line - HP ProCurve switch example


Log into the device with Telnet or SSH. Enter privileged mode by typing enable and entering your enable password.

Configure daylight savings time

This sets the normal (non-DST) time to GMT-5, so after timezone, type your GMT offset in minutes.


time daylight-time-rule 

time daylight-time-rule continental-us-and-canada

time timezone -300

Configure SNTP time synchronization

Set the timesync setting to sntp with the following commands:

timesync sntp<
sntp unicast
sntp server priority 1

That sets the NTP server to priority 1 in the switch config—that is, the server will check time against it first. You can add more servers with priority 2 and 3 as backup servers.

Confirm the NTP settings

To make sure the settings took effect, run the following command: show clock

Synchronize with an NTP server

To make sure the unit has synchronized with an NTP server, run the following command:

show time 

show sntp

SNTP Configuration

SNTP Authentication : Disabled 
Time Sync Mode: Sntp 
SNTP Mode : Unicast 
Poll Interval (sec) [720] : 720 
Source IP Selection: Outgoing Interface
Priority SNTP Server Address Version Key-id 
-------- --------------------------------------- ------- ---------- 
1 3 0

Exit configuration mode and save changes

# Save the current running configuration to the startup configuration file

write memory


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