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How do I set up devices for TrafficInsights?


Auvik TrafficInsights uses flow data to analyze IP traffic passing through devices. It builds an overview of network traffic flow and volume, and lets you see where network traffic is coming from and going to.

TrafficInsights currently supports NetFlow v5 and v9, IPFIX, J-Flow, and sFlow.

Requirements for TrafficInsights

To ensure that exported NetFlow data from your network devices reaches the TrafficInsights servers, you’ll need to verify that your firewall is set up to allow outgoing data from the Auvik collector to the TrafficInsights server.

How do I approve a device for TrafficInsights?

After the TrafficInsights feature has been enabled on your account, click TrafficInsights from the side navigation bar to see which devices have been detected as flow-enabled.

If no client devices are listed, it simply means we haven’t detected an enabled flow on any device. This is expected the first time you turn TrafficInsights on. To understand all of the statuses a device can have, see Auvik TrafficInsights device statuses.


Follow the steps below to enable and approve flow on the devices you’d like to monitor with TrafficInsights. These steps must be completed from the device dashboard.

To access the device dashboard, complete one of the following actions.

  1. If the device is listed, click the device name in the displayed list of devices.
  2. If the device is not listed, click Setup Device.
    1. Fill in the form. At a minimum, select a client.
    2. For a more granular search, select a device type and make.
    3. Once your search criteria are set, click Search Devices.
    4. From the list of devices, click on the device name.


Once you’ve gained access to the device dashboard, from the entity navigation, hover over the TrafficInsights button and click Setup.

Step 1 - Configure the device for flow


You enable flow on a device by adding the IP address for the Auvik collector to the device’s configuration. The steps to do this will be different depending on the device type. You’ll find various articles to walk you through the steps in our section on device configuration for TrafficInsights.

Auvik supports most of the common flow protocols. Many of these flow protocols support filling in empty fields with customized data to augment the standard data in NetFlow. TrafficInsights will receive the data from any customized fields but the data won’t be displayed in the TrafficInsights dashboard.

Step 2 - Approve the device for flow data


Now that the device has been configured for flow and detected by Auvik, you must approve it to send data to TrafficInsights.

  1. Click Approve.
  2. Confirm the device is to be approved for flow by clicking Approve again.

The approval can take a few minutes to complete. Please wait while the data link to TrafficInsights is created.



The device is now fully configured for TrafficInsights, and you’re able to start monitoring its flow data. To access the TrafficInsights dashboard, click View device in TrafficInsights.


To see flow rate detail for your newly approved device, click TrafficInsights from the side navigation of the client dashboard.


You can see more detail about any flow rate data point by hovering your cursor over the graph line. A tooltip pops up to show you the date and time of the data point and the bandwidth at that time.

More information about the TrafficInsights dashboard:

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