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2018W32 release - August 11, 2018


NEW! Maintenance window alert status

Maintenance windows let you tell Auvik to hit the snooze button on alerts triggered against a set of devices. Say you’ve scheduled a maintenance window to make a change to a specific area of the network, like your firewall. You’d expect to see alerts triggering on your firewall during such a change window—so you can safely ignore them. But alerts against your downstream switches, Wi-Fi gear, and endpoints during the same window may warrant a follow-up. Now, you can quickly determine if an alert was triggered during a maintenance window as part of your change control process.

NEW! Partner portal link

As an Auvik partner, you get access to product training, brandable marketing collateral, and many more resources within the partner portal. We’ve now added a button to the portal in the side navigation for quick access.

CHANGED! Virtual Collector Offline alert

In response to feedback, we’ve changed the name of the Auvik Collector Offline alert to Auvik Collector Disconnected. This change reflects the fact that not all collectors are virtual appliances, and when a collector is disconnected, it shouldn’t imply its host is offline.

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