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2018W24 release - June 16, 2018


NEW! Deep linking of PSA ticket IDs

If you’ve integrated Auvik with Autotask or ConnectWise Manage, you can now see the PSA ticket IDs of Auvik alerts in both the All Alerts grid and the Alert Details view.

You can also click through the displayed ticket ID in Auvik to open a new browser tab and see ticket details directly in Autotask or ConnectWise Manage.

This deep linking of PSA tickets from Auvik will help your technicians move quickly and easily between systems to troubleshoot and close network issues.

BETA! Support for DrayTek routers

Our device-level integration with DrayTek gives you more accurate device attributes. You’ll also be able to better manage the gear with capabilities like configuration backups.

We've done extensive upfront testing on recent and slightly older DrayTek gear, and we’ll proactively work to resolve any issues reported by our beta participants.

To join the beta program, opt in through the Auvik dashboard. Here are two articles to help you get started:

DrayTek known issues:

  • Configuration backups may be happening every few minutes. You might want to exclude Vendor: Draytek from the Configuration Backup alert to avoid receiving duplicate alerts and PSA tickets.
  • Configuration restore doesn’t currently work for DrayTek devices in Auvik.
  • Some hardware variants, such as the DrayTek 2800 series, don’t expose host resource utilization (e.g., CPU or memory utilization) through SNMP. If DrayTek adds this feature in future, we’ll update Auvik to support it.
  • From testing, it appears that Draytek devices:
    • Permit only one Telnet or SSH session at a time. But they don’t appear to restrict you from logging into the device through the web interface when a Telnet or SSH session is active.
    • Respond only to Telnet or SSH from devices that share the same subnet as the LAN port they’re routing to.
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