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Known issue with maxing out connections on Procurve switches


Over time, it’s possible for the Auvik collector to max out the number of Telnet connections on a Procurve switch.

By default, Procurve switches support only three concurrent open Telnet sessions, and Procurves don’t automatically terminate connections that aren’t properly exited.

The Auvik collector drops connections when it’s finished rather than exiting. This means that over time, the Auvik collector can max out the connections. As a result, no further connections are possible and you’re locked out of the device. On-demand connections from the Auvik collector compound this issue, pushing the device to a faster timeout.


Enter the following CLI commands on your Procurve switch. These commands enable automatic session termination, which eliminates the issue.

configure terminal
console inactivity-timer <0-120 minutes>
write mem
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