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How to enable login for DrayTek devices


At Auvik, we’re continually adding new device support, and although we’re still working on furthering our support for DrayTek, we have something initially available for use. Please note that adding this support is a work in progress, and we’ll be implementing support for additional DrayTek models over the coming releases.

To take advantage of the DrayTek device support currently available, you’ll need to enable SSH, Telnet, and CLI within Auvik.

If you’ve customized the service details at your main multi-client (MSP) dashboard or a specific client dashboard, you’re automatically opted into the support.

To confirm if you’ve been automatically opted into the support, locate and select the DrayTek device from your client dashboard. Do you see this message: Onboarding action required: Additional action required to onboard this device?

If you don’t see the message, you’re automatically opted into DrayTek support. 

If you do see the message, you’ll need to remove the exclusion that’s been set.

Exclusions can be removed from your main multi-client dashboard (to be applied down to all clients) or from an individual client dashboard.

Removing exclusions

From the device dashboard, go to Discovery > Troubleshooting. Or go to Discovery > Discovery Settings > Service Settings from the side nav bar.

Remove any exclusion of vendor: not: DrayTek. If your DrayTek doesn’t run on the standard SSH, Telnet, or CLI ports, add the custom port. 

Once the exclusions have been removed, Auvik will try logging into the device. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to add the login credentials for the DrayTek device into Auvik.

If you encounter any issues, please contact support.

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