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2024 - W28 Release - July 13, 2024

Auvik Network Management (7)
  • New
    • Auvik Collector for ARM64 architecture. (Open Beta)

      • Auvik is excited to announce that users can now deploy the collector agent on cost effective ARM64 architected devices, such as Raspberry Pi! This will extend the existing deployment options, and provides a cost effective choice for deploying Auvik. We recommend using either Raspberry Pi 4 or Raspberry Pi 5.

      • You can either run it as a:

        • Docker container image:

          We already have an option for X86 docker collector. Same approach of deployment would work for ARM64 devices as well, because collector code will automatically detect the underlying architecture and function accordingly.

          • Note: Use this option if you are looking to run other workloads on the underlying hardware and you want the collector agent to utilize only a subset of resources as docker containers. or, as a

        • Native Debian/Ubuntu package (with scripted install) Similarly we have a scripted install option, same is being extended for ARM64 architecture devices with native Debian/Ubuntu packages.

          • Note: With this option collector agent will ‘take over the entire underlying machine’ and hence no other workloads can be run. This can be a good option too, as you would be dedicating a low cost Raspberry Pi to do one single job as an Auvik Collector, which is critical for whole of Auvik solution to function well.

  • Improved
    • In the ConnectWise Manage inventory sync integration, you can now match devices in ANM to configurations in ConnectWise Manage based on serial number AND hostname, opposed to just OR.

    • Support for Meraki Switch Stacks is here!

      • Switches that are set up as stacks in Meraki will now be categorized and displayed correctly.

    • Some improvements to mac-based OUI identifications were rolled out. This will help identify more network devices.

    • Some improvements related to Palo Alto VPN monitoring were released.

  • Fixed
    • Some issues related to the Mist API integration and how organizations are set up have been improved.
  • Devices
    • Identifications

      • (12) L2 and L3 Switch(es)

        • Vendor(s): Brocade, Base, Axis Communications, Phoenix Contact, Antaira, Linksys, Beijing Raisecom Scientific & Technology, Allied Telesyn, Huawei, H3C, Huawei, Meraki, FS, Brocade, Accton, Netgear, RubyTech, Lantronix, Digi, Supercom, Intelbras

      • (1) Access Point(s)

        • Vendor(s): Norand, Fortigate, HP

      • (1) Router(s)

        • Vendor(s): Huawei, OneAccess

      • (7) Printer(s)

        • Vendor(s): Epson, Konica Minolta, Fuji Xerox, Sharp, Toshiba

Auvik SaaS Management (5)
  • Improved

    • Service Account monitoring has been improved to capture several less common patterns that would previously not have been marked as service accounts. This includes capturing service accounts that include certain keywords (like “admin” and several others) anywhere in the existing email address. (Example: would now be properly marked as a service account).

    • Additional data has been added to the SaaS API to support clients and partners who would like more in-depth user metrics for discovered applications, particular those leveraging the API for compliance and Shadow IT related use cases. The applications API has been updated to accept a specific application ID, which willreturn:

      • Account-related data for a particular application

      • Personal/Work identifiers for a particular application

      • Active user counts based on the last 30 days of usage

      • “Last Used” data for each user for each specified application.

  • Fixed
    • Resolved an issue in which nested tables wouldn’t always expand properly.

    • Resolved an issue in which users who were previously merged could reappear.

  • Coming Soon
    • Last Call: Join Auvik SaaS Management - SaaS Ops Alpha

      If you’re looking for a better way to handle employee off-boarding and onboarding for your SaaS tools, join the ASM Alpha and get access to automation features that will make your job easier. The best part is you’ll get to provide first-hand feedback directly with product management on automations you want for your business! Sign up by Sept 1.

      Sign up here for early access!

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