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Alerting 2.0 Permissions


Role permissions for the new alerting experience leverage the existing permissions. If you already have permissions for any aspects of the legacy alerting, you’ll automatically have those same permissions to the new alerting as well.

Additionally, there is a new role permission for managing Tags (Check out Managing & Creating Tags for more details of tags in general). Super admins will have this new permission by default, but custom roles will need to have it added.

Existing Role Permissions

These are the permissions a user needs to access alerting:

  • Manage Alerts

    • Create, edit, view and manage alert definitions in the legacy and new alerting.

  • Triggered Alerts

    • View & dismiss triggered alerts.

  • Maintenance Windows

    • Create, edit and view maintenance windows.

  • Notification Channels

    • Create, edit and view notification channels.

New Role Permissions

A new role feature property called Manage Tags is used to control user access for creating, editing, and deleting tags. This permission is located under the Admin section in the edit role permissions editor. Current super admin users will have this permission by default.

Note: It is recommended that users with custom roles who have access to Manage Alerts have the same access to Manage Tags. Tags will have other uses within Auvik in the future which won’t require access to alerts, but managing alerts does require the ability to manage tags.

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