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Auvik Endpoint Agent FAQ

What Operating Systems are currently supported?
Windows 64 bit - OS Version 10 and above
macOS 12 and above (Intel and ARM)
Do I need to be an admin on the workstation to install the agent?
Yes, you will need to be an admin on the workstation that you want to install the agent.
What happens if I move my workstation to a different site?
At this time, the workstation will be registered only to the initial site where it is installed using the Site Registration Key. It will show up under “All Endpoints” only on this site. Moving the workstation to a different site or location will not change this behavior.
Are these installers signed?
Yes, the Windows and macOS installers (and agent components) are signed.
Do I need to configure the agent?
The agent does not have any user interface and it will run as a background service with default configuration.
How can I update the agent?
The agent will update itself when there is a new version available. There is no manual user update required. In certain situations if necessary, re-running the download workflow will manually update the agent.
How can I uninstall the agent?
Instructions can be found in Uninstalling the Auvik Endpoint
Do ports need to be opened or firewall exceptions added?
You can find the ports you need to open and the firewall exceptions in Endpoint Network Considerations
How much disk space / memory does the Agent use?

See the table below for endpoint hardware requirements for this release.

Feature Disk Space Memory
Auto-Update 100 MB 25 MB
Network Monitoring 10 MB 250 MB
Remote Support

500 MB (Windows)

550 MB (macOS)

250 MB
Inventory 75 MB 100 MB
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