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2024-W12 release - March 23rd, 2024


General Release


We’ve squashed some bugs that were isolated to a small set of Auvik users. If you had an open support ticket that was addressed by one of these fixes, the Auvik support team will be in touch.

Auvik SaaS Management (6)
  • New
    • We’ve added a new alert - New Application Usage by User - This alert is available under the Workflow Configuration menu and allows users to trigger an alert based on usage discovered of a particular lifecycle stage. The alert can easily be configured to trigger each time a new user is discovered using an application that is unapproved, leading to better security outcomes and more visibility into ongoing shadow IT behaviors.

  • Improved

    • The deployment menu within a specific sub-tenant has been updated for improved clarity and consistency to match the Partner level tenant deployment integrations menu.

    • Added the ability to bulk disabled users from the Identity and Assets > Users menu.

    • Users will not see a visual indicator in situations where their RMM deployment does not properly use script variables.

      • Ex: If a client is created named “%ClientName% or similar.

    • Update tabs across the application for improved usability and clarity.

  • Fixed
    • Resolved an issue in which some user invites were failing in particular environment

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