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Alerting 2.0 Beta Planned Releases


The Beta release is the first release in a handful of upcoming major user-facing milestones.


  • The Beta will be closed to a limited number of current Auvik clients.

  • The Beta features more robust alerts, but can only be applied on an all-or-nothing basis to sites in the account. Additionally, a limited number of alerting properties will be available to build alerts with.

  • Any alerts created with the new alerting experience workflows during the Beta are not guaranteed to be available after the Beta has ended. Technical requirements may change during the Beta which may require us to reset data or make other changes which will render the Beta alerts no longer compatible.

  • Auvik will run the Beta for a few months where we will collect feedback and make improvements.

General Availability (GA)

  • The General Availability release will be available to all Auvik clients.

  • This release builds on the Beta by allowing filtering/overriding of alerts on a site by site basis within the account, allowing for specific alerts to run against certain multi-sites and sites within the account.

  • More alerting properties will be added.

  • Any alerts created with the new alerting experience workflows during this release will be maintained through future updates.

Commercial Availability (CA)

  • The Commercial Availability release will feature new pre-configured alerts, user-defined monitoring based alerts, “downstream” alert suppression, new types of alerts, and other improvements based on user feedback and new requirements.

Legacy Discontinuation

  • When all legacy capabilities are addressed by the new alerting experience, Auvik will plan to discontinue the usage of legacy alerts. This will eliminate the “Manage Alerts > Alerts” page and leave the new manage alerts page as the only way to manage alerts. The “All Alerts”, “Manage Alerts > Notification Channels”, and “Manage Alerts > Maintenance Windows” will remain.

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