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What information does the Networks Dashboard provide?


This dashboard will allow you to understand your critical network pain points quickly and easily.

To access the Networks Dashboard:


  • Go to Dashboard
  • Click on Networks



There are 5 widgets on this dashboard:

Open Emergency & Critical Alerts (Last 30 days)

At-a-glance view of all alerts in a single window, view affected devices directly from the widget, and take immediate action as needed.

Open Alerts By Org (last 30 days)

Monitor the overall health of all customers in a single window pane to quickly and easily identify any issues.

Offline Collectors

A list of offline collectors and the affected tenant sites helps identify where Auvik is not providing alerting.

Offline Network Devices

Shows up immediately and independent of alerting thresholds set up. Gain awareness of problems before the alerting goes off.

Offline Internet Connections

A simple way to see if devices are down of the ISP/Provider, providing immediate data and allowing customers to respond to issues rapidly.

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