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Known issue with Cisco devices in quiet mode


With Cisco quiet mode enabled, your Cisco device won’t allow any other devices to connect to it after five failed login attempts, and will block all users from logging in for 120 seconds. When quiet mode is activated, Auvik can’t sign in either. So if your Cisco device is in quiet mode, you’ll need to whitelist Auvik for Auvik to monitor the device.

Log into your Cisco device

  1. Telnet, SSH, or serial (console) into your Cisco device.
  2. Enter global configuration mode by typing enable and enter your password.
  3. Enter configuration mode by typing configure terminal.

Create an access list

  1. Create an access list named SSH_MGMT: ip access-list standard SSH_MGMT
  2. Permit the IP address of the Auvik agent: permit host <auvik-collector-ip>
    • Note: Replace <auvik-collector-ip> with the IP address of the Auvik agent
  3. Exit configuration mode by typing end.

Link the new access list to your quiet mode access class

  1. Assign the new access list to the quiet mode access class: login quiet-mode access-class SSH_MGMT

Auvik will now be able to login even if quiet mode is active.


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