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How to enable configuration backups on HP / Comware switches


Some HP switches, like the 1900 series, are badge-engineered from Comware. That means they don’t have the same command line interface as the HP ProCurves. They also have a hidden configuration menu where you can do more powerful administrative tasks, such as seeing the running configuration of the switch.

In order for Auvik to backup the configuration on badge-engineered devices, you need to enter login credentials in a specific way. Typically when you enter login credentials, you enter a username and password. An enable (escalated privilege) password is sometimes used and sometimes not. But on badge-engineered devices, an enable password is required.

On Comware switches, the enable password is usually one of the following factory defaults:

  • 001233
  • 070701
  • 123456
  • 210231
  • 219801
  • 512900
  • Jinhua1920unauthorized
  • foes-bent-pile-atom-ship

Most commonly, we see the following work for the HP / Comware 1910s and 1920s:

  • HP 1910: 512900
  • HP 1920: Jinhua1920unauthorized
  • HP 1950: foes-bent-pile-atom-ship

Once your login credentials are entered with an enable password, configuration backups will start on your HP / Comware switch.


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