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How to enable configuration backups on HP / Comware switches


Some HP switches, like the 1900 series, are badge-engineered from Comware. That means they don’t have the same command line interface as the HP ProCurves. They also have a hidden configuration menu where you can do more powerful administrative tasks, such as seeing the running configuration of the switch.

In order for Auvik to backup the configuration on badge-engineered devices, you need to enter login credentials in a specific way. Typically when you enter login credentials, you enter a username and password. An enable (escalated privilege) password is sometimes used and sometimes not. But on badge-engineered devices, an enable password is required.

On Comware switches, the enable password is usually one of the following factory defaults:

  • 001233
  • 070701
  • 123456
  • 210231
  • 219801
  • 512900
  • Jinhua1920unauthorized
  • foes-bent-pile-atom-ship

Most commonly, we see the following work for the HP / Comware 1910s and 1920s:

  • HP 1910: 512900
  • HP 1920: Jinhua1920unauthorized
  • HP 1950: foes-bent-pile-atom-ship

If you’re not sure which enable password will work for your device, you can test the credentials by entering the advanced command line on your HP switch using the following commands, which will then prompt for a password:

  • HP 1910 / HP 1920: _cmdline-mode on
  • HP 1950: xtd-cli-mode

Once your login credentials are entered with an enable password, configuration backups will start on your HP / Comware switch.


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