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2016W24 release - June 16, 2016


ENHANCED! Autotask integration

For all you Autotask users, we’ve been working on even tighter integration with Auvik. From your MSP dashboard, you can now:

IMPROVED! ConnectWise service board flexibility

Another partner request fulfilled! We’ve seen various partners use service boards quite differently — per client, by severity, or everything in one. So we’ve added some service board flexibility in Auvik.

Now you can manage the flow of alerts to multiple service boards. Configuring multiple service boards is quite easy. Then you can add new notification channels, one for each service board.

NEW! Admin settings

We’ve received a lot of requests from partners who want to quickly identify the customizations and settings changes they’ve made within Auvik. With this release, you can now see if the current settings differ from the defaults, whether those defaults are pre-configured settings provided by Auvik or new settings created from your MSP dashboard.

Don’t like what’s changed? You can now put settings back to the defaults, giving you a clean slate to start over. If you delete a pre-configured setting, you can get it back with the new restore function.

Areas where the new identification, reset, and restore functions can be used include:

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