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How do I set up and configure an integration between Auvik and Autotask PSA?


Auvik supports the sending of alert notifications and inventory to Autotask PSA, which can be managed from your MSP dashboard for all clients.

To ensure your Auvik / Autotask PSA integration works correctly, use the resources listed below in the order they’re shown.

Initial configuration

  1. Configure Autotask PSA.
    1. Add a new extension callout. Before you save the new extension callout in Autotask, create a new integration in Auvik. Copy the callback URL from Auvik and paste it into the URL field in Autotask.
    2. Add a new workflow rule.
    3. Add a user for the integration. We recommend creating a new user specifically for the integration with Auvik. The new user must be assigned the API User security role.
    4. Save the new Autotask integration in Auvik.

Now that the initial setup of Autotask PSA is completed, and the integration has been created in Auvik, you can map your Auvik clients to your Autotask PSA customers.

Inventory sync

With your clients mapped we can move on to configuring Auvik and Autotask PSA for inventory sync. If you don't plan to sync inventory, you can jump down to configuring Auvik and Autotask PSA for alert notifications to create tickets in Autotask PSA.

  1. Configure Autotask PSA for inventory:
    1. User-defined fields: IP address, serial number, description, firmware version, software version, vendor name
    2. Configuration item types (device classes)
  2. Configure Auvik for inventory sync:
    1. Device identifier
    2. Device class mappings
    3. Field sync mappings

Managing alerts

Configuring Auvik and Autotask PSA for alert notifications to create new tickets in Autotask PSA requires a bit of setup on both sides.

  1. Configure Autotask PSA for tickets:
    1. Define the queues
    2. Define the sources
    3. Define the notes
  2. Configure Auvik for alerting Autotask PSA:
    1. Define how alerts are to be sent between Auvik and Autotask PSA.
    2. Create the appropriate notification channels to be associated with Auvik alerts that are sent to Autotask PSA. Associate the notification channel to each alert that’s to be sent to Autotask PSA.

Finally, here’s how to keep an eye on events.

  1. View your inventory mapping details.
  2. View the communication history between Auvik and Autotask PSA.

If you experience any issues with your Auvik-Autotask PSA integration, see How do I troubleshoot issues with my Auvik / Autotask PSA integration? for possible resolutions.

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