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How to enable SNMP on ExtremeCloud (previously Aerohive) devices


NOTE: To enable SNMP on Extreme Cloud IQ devices (previously Aerohive), you’ll need administrative access to ExtremeCloud IQ.

Setup SNMP

From ExtremeCloud IQ:

  1. From Configure, click Network Policies and choose the network policy you want to enable SNMP for.
  2. Navigate to Additional Settings, then SNMP Server.
  3. Turn the SNMP server on.
  4. Press the + icon to add a new SNMP server.


  1. Input the IP address object of the Auvik Collector, and select whether you’d like to use SNMP version V2C or V3. 
  2. Set the Operation to Get.
  3. In the example above, we are using the default, pre-populated ExtremeCloud SNMP v2C community string: ‘hivecommunity’. This can be changed based on requirements.
  4. Click Add SNMP Server to return you to the previous screen.


  1. Once the Name field and any optional fields are populated, click Save SNMP Server.
  2. Push at least a Delta Configuration Update to relevant devices.


If the above steps did not produce any results from Auvik, a workaround has been identified to force SNMP to enable. We will be supplying supplemental commands for CLI to run in addition to the settings already in the network policy.

NOTE: Policy-level Supplemental CLI currently only applies to IQ Engine devices. For Dell and Extreme Networks devices that do not run IQ Engine, please use per-device Supplemental CLI.

From ExtremeCloud IQ:

  1. Navigate to Global Settings by hovering over the portrait icon next to your name in the top-right of the window.
  2. Enable Supplemental CLI which can be found under Administration, then VIQ Management.
  3. Select Configure, then Network Policies and choose the network policy you want to enable SNMP for.
  4. Under Policy Settings, click Supplemental CLI.
  5. Turn Supplemental CLI on.
  6. Enter a name and description if desired.
  7. The CLI commands to be run are:
interface eth0 manage SNMP
interface eth1 manage SNMP



  1. Click Save, then run at least a Delta Configuration Update to all applicable devices.
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