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2016W28 release - July 14, 2016


ENHANCED! Device support

There have been some hoops to jump through to get Auvik to log into various Sophos, WatchGuard, and Ubiquiti devices. (Hint: They’re all Linux-based). But we’ve made the jump and now there’s backup and CLI support for all of them. (Details on Sophos. Details on WatchGuard.) 

IMPROVED! User management

Hey-o! You can now select which clients an invited user should have access to, directly from the user invitation form. Also, from the main client management dashboard, you can easily authorize existing users to new clients.

ENHANCED! OID monitor visibility

Many of you are taking advantage of the ability to create custom OID monitors. Now, from the Debug menu, you can see the current values for all OID monitors.


  • We’re improving the way we handle grid edits. The pencil has been been removed and replaced with an edit button.
  • You can now set the source of your ConnectWise alerts by adding or editing an alert status mapping.


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