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Known issue with Cisco SG series devices and unknown logins


Cisco SG300 and SG500 switches with software versions lower than have a known issue which makes them susceptible to crashing when an unknown user attempts to log in. As a precaution, SSH, Telnet, and CLI have been disabled for these devices by default within Auvik.

A crash can occur if a user unknown to the device attempts to log in. Because Auvik typically uses Telnet and SSH to connect to a device, the possibilities of a crash occurring increase.

If you have Cisco SG300 or SG500 switches and the software version has been updated to or later, you can remove the exclusion for SSH, Telnet, and CLI services set under Discovery > Discovery Settings > Service Settings.

If your software version is lower than, we strongly recommend leaving SSH, Telnet, and CLI disabled for these devices until you’re able to update the software version. Enabling SSH, Telnet, and CLI for these devices without updating the software version to or greater could result in the switches crashing.

To make sure everything is set up correctly for SSH on the Cisco SG device, see How to set up SNMP and log into Cisco Small Business devices.

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