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2016W8 release - February 24, 2016


PREVIEW! Auvik Windows agent

Auvik is introducing a new way to deploy Auvik on smaller client networks without a virtualization environment. The Auvik appliance is a super lightweight Windows service that can be deployed in a few minutes. To claim a spot in the limited beta for the Windows agent, contact

NEW! Configuration dashboard

Now you can get a quick report on the status of all your configuration backups. At a glance, the new configuration dashboard shows you if a device has appropriate credentials, when the last backup attempt took place, and when the last configuration change occurred. In the next release, we’ll have some alerts around this data as well.

NEW! Reports

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the beta of our reporting feature. We’ve added two new reports (on network availability and server utilization) and updated the network device utilization report. Keep the ideas coming in!

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