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How do I see all configuration backups?


Auvik’s configuration backup feature automatically backs up all the configurations of your network elements so you never have to remember to do it. You can also quickly confirm which devices are successfully backing up and which ones aren’t.

The default backup time is 60 minutes following a detected change. If you don’t want Auvik to back up configurations, change the time interval for backups to 0 days. The no-backup setting will apply globally to all devices; it can’t be changed for a specific device.

How to access a complete list of configurations

Click Documentation in the side navigation bar. Click Configurations.

You’ll now see a list of all of your network devices, which of those devices we have login credentials for, which have a configuration backup, the last time the backup was saved, and the last time Auvik successfully logged into the device.

You can filter the configurations list to show only certain configurations. For more information on filtering, see How to filter data in Auvik.

How to access configuration history for one device

While on the Documentation > Configurations screen, select the particular device you want by clicking on its name in the list. Click Configurations from the entity navigation bar.

You’ll now see a complete history of configuration backups for this device.

How to export a configuration

While on the Documentation > Configurations screen, find the device you want. Click the Export button at the end of its row.

In a future release, we’ll be adding support for exporting multiple configurations at once.

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