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How do I export my discovery administration data?


With Auvik’s export feature, you can save a copy of the discovery administration data for all devices and networks. Right now, you can export to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx). We’ll be adding more export formats in the future.

Using export spreadsheet

Discovery administration data can only be exported from one location.

  1. From the side navigation click Discovery.
  2. Click the Export button.

The export is broken into three worksheets: Summary, Devices, and Networks.

The Summary worksheet shows the date of the export and the total number of discovered devices and networks.

The Devices worksheet shows a list of all discovered devices, including the following detail per device

  • Device name
  • Device type
  • IP Address(es)
  • SNMP credential status
  • Login credential status
  • WMI credential status
  • VMware credential status
  • Manage status

The Networks worksheet shows a list of all discovered networks, including the following detail per network:

  • Network name
  • # of devices on the network
  • Scope of the network (public or private)
  • Scan status (Scan, Don’t Scan, or Awaiting Approval)
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