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What can I see on a stackable switch dashboard?


By default, Auvik enables the identification of stackable switches. If you don’t want Auvik to identify stackable switches, you can disable identification for these devices.

The dashboard for a stackable switch displays all the KPIs and tabs that other networking devices have, plus two KPIs and a tab that are unique to stackable switches. Any element of the dashboard can be clicked to access more detailed information.

KPIs (key performance indicators)

Located next to the device details.

  • Ready Stack Members indicates how many of the stack members are active and ready for use.
  • Stack Ports shows you the ports that are on the stack, including their current operational status, neighboring stack members, and ports for the neighbors.

Stack members

Click Stack Members from the entity navigation bar to see a full list of the stack members. You can filter the list to show only certain details. For more information on filtering, see How to filter data in Auvik.

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