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How do I edit interface details?


Edits to an interface are limited to the interface name, interface speed and connections. If you change the name or speed from what was originally discovered, you can always change it back by selecting the reset () button next to the appropriate field. If you change the connection, you can change it back by selecting Discovered Connection(s).

  1. From the dashboard of an interface, click the Edit button.
  2. Make your edits.
    • For Interface Name, type the updated name.
    • For Interface Speed, enter a value and select the appropriate data rate unit: Gbit/s (gigabits per second), Mbit/s (megabits per second), Tbit/s (terabits per second), bps (bits per second), kbit/s (kilobits per second).
    • For Connected To, select Custom Connection. From the device drop-box, select the appropriate device. From the interface drop-box, select the appropriate interface.
  3. Click Save.


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