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How to enable SNMP on Comware OS-based switches


You can enable SNMP on your Comware OS-based switches from the command line interface (CLI). Here are sample steps for an HP 1910 running Comware OS:

  1. Telnet / SSH into your switch.
  2. Enter all-command mode: _cmdline-mode on
  3. When prompted with "All commands can be displayed and executed. Continue? [Y/N]", type Y.
  4. When prompted for a password, enter the switch’s maintenance password. The default password is 512900.
  5. Type system-view to enter configuration mode.
  6. Enable SNMP: 
    snmp-agent community read your_community_string snmp-agent sys-info version v2c
  7. If you’re using a community string other than public or private, enter it into Auvik.

All done!

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