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Some of my devices aren't visible within Auvik


If you’ve enabled scanning of a network and aren’t seeing certain devices within Auvik, there are a couple of things to check.

Is the device responding to pings (ICMP)?

One of the first things the Auvik collector does to discover devices on your network is to ping IP addresses on authorized subnets. If your device doesn’t respond to pings, then further discovery and monitoring won’t happen for this device.

You may need to tweak an access control list or firewall policy to allow ICMP traffic to and from the Auvik collector.

Can the device respond to the following nmap query?

nmap -PE --send-ip -sn -n --min-rate 30m --host-timeout 30s network/CIDRmask


nmap -PE --send-ip -sn -n --min-rate 30m --host-timeout 30s

If not, then your device may be in stealth mode and blocking port scans from our collector. If so, add a policy to allow port scanning by the Auvik collector.

If your device responds to both pings and the Nmap query, but you still can’t see it in your Auvik dashboard, get in touch with Auvik support for further help.

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