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2015W46 release - November 19, 2015


NEW! Advanced SNMP alerting

At Auvik, we love to abstract away the nitty-gritty details of managing SNMP OIDs, but sometimes you just need to alert on an obscure one. So we’ve added the ability to create custom OID monitors and to add alerts on them.

NEW! Shared virtual appliances

Managed service providers who have VPN access into their client networks can now centrally deploy a single shared virtual appliance and map it to various clients within Auvik. If you want some help getting started with appliance sharing, give a shout.

ENHANCED! ConnectWise integration

With the previous release, we launched a major upgrade to our ConnectWise integration. With this release, we’ve added two new features. Now you can configure the mapping between Auvik’s device classes and existing or new ConnectWise configuration types. Second, to improve your workflow, alerts can be automatically re-opened after a period of time if they were accidentally closed. Read more about the ConnectWise integration here.

NEW! Custom map filters

Map filters are a powerful way to manipulate what you see across your networks. You can now save custom filters and recall them at the click of a button.

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