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2023-W44 release - November 04, 2023


General Release Notice

Auvik Network Management (9)
  • New
    • Vendors

    • Identification

      • (7) L2 and L3 Switch(es)

        • Vendor(s): Cisco, Connectrix, EnGenius, Antaira Technologies, Enterasys, FS, Extreme

      • (2) Access Point(s)

        • Vendor(s): Aruba, FS

      • (2) Router(s)

        • Vendor(s): HPE-Aruba, HPE

      • (1) Firewall(s)

        • Vendors(s): Fortinet

      • (16) Printer(s)

        • Vendor(s): FujiFilm-Apeos, Sharp, Xerox-VesaLink, Konica Minolta-Accurio Press, Honeywell, Epson

  • Improved

    • Added the ability for users to configure Cloud Ping Checks to use FQDN/Domain Name in addition to the existing IP address option. These checks use public DNS and happen directly from Auvik’s cloud environment.

  • Fixed
    • Auvik resolved an issue where devices that failed ping health check would not be deleted after a period of time defined in the discovery settings. This issue was resolved, but will take the the full duration of time set in Discovery settings for the removal to complete.

  • Coming Soon: 

    • Official Juniper Mist general availability for the cloud API integration is expected in early December.

Auvik SaaS Management (9)
  • New
    • Added new in-app deployment integrations for Addigy and Jamf Pro so that users can more easily deploy the ASM agent via their MDM platform.
  • Improved

    • Added the ability to sort and filter by “Source” on the Unclassified and Classified menus, giving more flexibility for users to sort by Application Category, Browser Event, or SSO type.

  • Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where “tag” selectors were not filtering reports properly.

    • Resolved an issue where the application screen would sometimes show some domains not associated with the app being viewed.

    • Resolved an issue where the “Insights” Dashboard would take longer than expected to load data.

    • Fixed an issue in which some applications not appear to be classified properly immediately after changing their status due to cache settings.

    • Resolved an issue where invites sent to a specific client would link to an invalid invite.

  • Coming Soon:

    • Accounts Reporting: Tapping into the wealth of account data we capture, we're in the process of developing an insightful report to help businesses better identify which accounts and usernames are in use across their organization. This will shed light on service account activity, frequently used user accounts, dormant accounts, and more. The goal is to align this reporting with major compliance frameworks such as NIST & CIS.

    • MFA/2FA Enforcement: Security is paramount. We're enhancing our capabilities to provide insights into which accounts detected in your environment have MFA/2FA enabled. Additionally, admin users will soon have the power to enforce MFA across the organization for bolstered security.

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