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Integrating Auvik with Freshdesk


For more information on editing, deleting, disabling, and enabling integrations, see How do I edit, delete, disable, or enable integrations?

Auvik integrates with Freshdesk for alert notifications.

To set up an Auvik integration to Freshdesk, first complete the steps below to configure Freshdesk. Then create the new integration in Auvik.

Freshdesk integrations must be managed from each of your sites' dashboards.

Communications between Freshdesk and Auvik

Integration between Freshdesk and Auvik can be set up for one-way communication.

One-way communication flows from Auvik to Freshdesk. Auvik creates a Freshdesk service ticket for any specified alert within Auvik. When the Auvik alert closes or is dismissed, the update flows back to Freshdesk to close the associated service ticket.

Creating a new integration

To set up a new integration between Auvik and Freshdesk, first retrieve the callback URL from Auvik.

  1. From the Auvik dashboard, click Integrations in the side navigation bar.
  2. Hover over the Add Integration button, and choose Freshdesk.
  3. Fill in the details for the new integration in Auvik.
  4. Copy the callback URL by clicking the Copy button. The URL will look something like

Once you’ve copied the callback URL, don’t close this window as you’ll need it again later to complete the setup within Auvik. If you close the window before setup is complete, you’ll need to go back and update the callback URL previously copied and entered for the Automations rule in Freshdesk.

Then follow the steps in Configuring Freshdesk to set up the new integration.

Configuring Freshdesk

To integrate using a Freshdesk username and password, enter the Freshdesk credentials into the Add Integration form within Auvik. Otherwise, to integrate Freshdesk and Auvik using the API key, first locate and copy the API key.

  1. In Freshdesk, click the user icon in the top right corner and select Profile Settings.

  1. Copy your API key.

Now follow the instructions for adding an automations rule.

Add an automations rule

  1. From the side navigation bar, click the gear icon (Freshdesk10.png).
  2. Under Helpdesk Productivity, click Automations.


  1. Click the Ticket Updates tab.2TicketUpdates.png
  2. Click New Rule.
  3. Set a name and description for the new rule.
  4. Fill out the form as follows:
  • When an action performed by... -- Agent of Any
  • involves any of these events -- Status is changed from Any Status to Any Status
  • perform these actions -- Trigger Webhook
  • Request type -- POST
  • Paste the callback URL copied from the Auvik Add/Edit Integration form
  • Encoding -- JSON
  • Content -- Simple, Ticket ID, and Status
  • Click Save.
  • 3PerformTheseActions.png

    Customer ticket association

    Tickets in Freshdesk are linked to a specific customer. To associate the alerts for a specific customer, you will need to know which domain is set on the relevant company in Freshdesk. This domain needs to be specified when adding the Freshdesk integration to your Auvik site.

    1. In Freshdesk, mouse over the Customers icon in the navigation menu
    2. From the context menu, click Companies.


    1. Locate and click the name of the company the tickets are to be associated with. If the company doesn’t yet exist in Freshdesk, click the down arrow from the top navigation. Click New Company to create the company.


    1. Enter a name for the new company and set a domain. If a domain doesn't exist for the company, click Create domain.


    1. Click Create.

    Managing integrations for multiple locations

    Single network with multiple locations

    Be aware that Auvik can’t currently distinguish alerts that come from different locations (say, the Cleveland office and the Houston office) on a network running a single Auvik collector. All of your Auvik alerts will drip into a single Freshdesk feed.

    Multiple networks across multiple clients

    Add a new Freshdesk integration for each client you manage by logging into each client’s instance of Auvik.

    How to add a new Freshdesk integration

    1. From the client level, click Integrations in the side navigation bar. Note: Freshdesk integrations can’t be added at the global level.
    2. Hover over the Add Integration button, and select Freshdesk
    3. In Auvik, fill in the following details:
    • Integration name
    • Freshdesk URL
    • Select the authentication method you want to use and enter the appropriate details: Freshdesk username and password, or user API key. To confirm the correct password is entered before saving, click the eye () in the password field to show the password. 
    • Domain name (The domain associated with the Freshdesk company)
  • Click Test Connection to confirm your settings are accurate.
  • Click Save.
  • If the test connection spins or a failed message appears, see How do I troubleshoot issues with my Auvik / Freshdesk integration? for possible resolutions.

    Before you can use the integration with Freshdesk, there’s one final configuration step: creating a notification channel to be associated with the Auvik alerts you’d like sent to the integrated platform.

    Finding integrated alerts

    Details for all notifications sent from Auvik to Freshdesk are found in either the Freshdesk dashboard or Freshdesk tickets (Freshdesk11.png).

    If Auvik alerts fail to create or clear tickets in Freshdesk, see How do I troubleshoot issues with my Auvik / Freshdesk integration? for possible resolutions.

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