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Navigating Auvik


Getting around Auvik is easy. There are three primary ways to access information.

Navigating by map

The map clearly visualizes the layout of your network and allows you to quickly navigate to a particular device or interface.

  • To get to a device, click on the device on the map.
  • To get to an interface, hover over the relevant line on the map, then click the interface name in the tooltip that appears.

Navigating with the side navigation bar

Use the side navigation bar to navigate to any area of the Auvik application. Menu links are broken into three sections.

  • Navigation: Areas for viewing detail about your network
  • Admin: Areas for administering your devices or your Auvik account
  • Support: Access to our support options

When the side navigation bar is fully expanded, you’ll see an icon and a name for each option.

When the side navigation bar is collapsed, the names are hidden and only the icons appear. If you hover over any navigation icon, a tooltip shows you the section name.

Clicking the main navigation option takes you to an initial page. For example, clicking Discovery shows you the first available tab. From the site dashboard, you’d see Manage Devices. From the multi-site dashboard, you’d see Manage Credentials.

To jump to a specific section under the main navigation, click the chevron next to the section name. This reveals any sub-navigation, and from that list you can select the area you want to access. Not all sections have sub-navigation.


Main navigation


(where applicable)

Home dashboard / All sites



All networks

All devices

All interfaces

All services

All cloud controllers

All components

All Alerts


Hardware Lifecycle

Recommended Software

Device Lifecycle Status

Device Contract Status




Remote tunnels


All routes

All OID monitors

Hardware sensors

Audit Log


Remote Management


TrafficInsights Summary

Launch dashboard


Manage devices

Manage networks

Manage credentials

Manage cloud controllers

Discovery settings



Manage alerts


Notification channels

Maintenance windows

Manage users



Auvik collectors / shared Auvik collectors





Auvik support

Knowledge base


Give feedback


Partner resources

Partner portal

Training portal

User profile

Edit profile

My remote tunnels

Log out

Navigating with the entity navigation bar

Each entity (and some administration areas) has its own navigation. The entity navigation bar sits below the map.

Depending on what you’re viewing, the entity navigation options differ. Each option gives you detail for that entity only.

Let’s say you’re on the home dashboard. Hovering over the Inventory button and clicking Devices in the entity navigation bar shows you a list of all devices that have been discovered, no matter which subnet they’re associated with.

But now let’s say you’re on the dashboard for a specific network. Hovering over the Inventory button and clicking Devices in the entity navigation bar shows you a list of devices associated just with that network.

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