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2015W26 release - July 1, 2015


NEW! Historical device availability stats

Want to know when an important device went offline? Auvik now shows you the trend of your device’s availability over time. You can see the historical trend as a sparkline in the Device Status KPI or drill down on the KPI for detailed analysis.

IMPROVED! Map drawing

Topologies are now drawn to better use the space on the map, which means less overlapping of wires and nodes. This is especially great on large networks. In coming releases, we’re going to be making dramatic improvements to how we render the map. Stay tuned!

IMPROVED! Load times

We’ve made great strides with performance this release. Specifically, you’ll see pages loading and charts rendering much faster.

We continue to put a lot of effort into improving Auvik’s performance. If you’re experiencing performance issues of any kind (e.g., slow load times, sluggishness on the map), let us know and we’ll be sure to get a fix in.

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