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What can I see on a wireless (Wi-Fi) controller or access point dashboard?


The dashboard for a wireless controller displays all of the KPIs and tabs that other networking devices have, along with two additional tabs: access points and wireless clients.

On these two tabs, you’ll be able to see Layer 1 wireless information for any connections between your Wi-Fi infrastructure and endpoints such as laptops and smartphones. On each tab, you can filter the list to show only certain details. For more information on filtering, see How to filter data in Auvik.

Access points (available on controller device dashboards)

From a controller, click Access Points from the entity navigation to see a list of the access points that are connected to the controller.

The list allows you to see which access points are connected to which SSID (service set identifier) and how many clients are currently connected to the access point.

Wireless clients (available on controller and access point device dashboards)

From either a controller or an access point, click Wireless Clients from the entity navigation to see detail about each client that’s connected and when they last connected.

Note: If you’re not seeing data on these two tabs, make sure you’ve added login credentials for your controller(s) and access points, where appropriate.

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