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Auvik collector packages not properly installed


After importing a new Auvik OVA collector, some users experience an issue with the dependencies not installing correctly during startup initialization. To know if this has happened to you, look at the collector console. 

Do you see something like this?

MAC Address: 09:00:28:28:8a:54
IP address: (DHCP)
Tenant URL:
Auvik ID: 360f99c6-7cf4-504g-051e-b8bc706211c6
Version: Not Installed
Auvik status: Not Running, Connection status unknown, Approval status unknown
Internet: Available

If so, we recommend you reboot the collector. The best way to do that is to reboot from the collector console window.

  1. From the virtual machine window for the collector, click onto the console.
  2. Type 4.

During the reboot, the download and installation of the dependencies will try again. Keep an eye on the console. If you get the same Auvik status as before, contact our support team.

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