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What debug tools are available in Auvik?


In Auvik, there are a number of built-in tools built to help with troubleshooting your network. The tools that are available, and the data they provide, will vary depending on where you access them.

On each debug table, you can use filters to show only certain details. For more information on filtering, see How to filter data in Auvik.

Data available for troubleshooting


The routes table shows you all the routes directly connected or distributed by a routing protocol on your network. The data is similar to what you’d see by typing in the “show ip route” command on a device’s CLI, but in a much easier-to-read format.

You can use the data to find out what route traffic will take, and to look for potential misconfigurations at Layer 3.

ARP and FDB tables

The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table shows you all IP address to MAC address mappings. The data is similar to what you’d see by typing in a “show arp” or “arp -a” command, but without you having to open a terminal connection or command prompt.

Auvik’s forwarding database (FDB) table gives you Layer 2 data on VLAN associations and MAC addresses that have been learned by that device.

Network Evidence

Network Evidence is a handy little feature that’s unique to Auvik. It can be very helpful when digging into connectivity issues.

Network Evidence shows you an ARP table and an FDB table. But unlike the raw ARP and FDB tables for a device, network evidence aggregates all references to the device collected from across the network. In essence, it allows you to quickly understand which elements on your network have “seen” the device in question.

How to access debug tools for your entire network

There are two ways to access the debug tools for your entire network.

1. From the side navigation, click Debug.


2. When on the home dashboard, click Debug from the entity navigation bar.

You’ll be shown a list of the routes for all discovered devices.

To view more detail about any device or its associated interface, click on the device or interface name from the list.

How to access debug tools for a specific entity

Debug tools are also available per device and interface. To access them, roll over Debug in the entity navigation bar while on the dashboard of a particular device or interface. The Debug drop-down shows you the available tools.

If you click Debug from the entity navigation without first selecting a specific tool from the drop-down list, you’ll be taken to route details by default.

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