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2015W22 release – June 4, 2015


NEW! Managed service provider (MSP) dashboard officially launches

We’ve spent the last few months working with a select group of MSP customers to figure out what needed to be in the best MSP network management system in the world. We’ve built out an exciting roadmap.

With this release, the central MSP dashboard is now live, allowing MSPs to roll up multiple networks into a single account. We’ve introduced granular user management to control which users have access to which customer accounts. And MSPs now have the ability to co-brand Auvik to their clients by adding their logo to the dashboard.

NEW! Integrations with Slack and ConnectWise

Whether you’re an MSP or an IT pro, you can now set up Slack or ConnectWise as notifications channels within your Auvik account. This integration lets you send any Auvik alert to those other systems.

Have a request for another integration? We have a few in the pipeline already but let us know what you’d like to see next.

IMPROVED! Map interactions

You can do some pretty awesome things with map search and filter. We’ve improved search semantics and provided helpful tips on how to use it. We’ve also added the ability to search for device status.

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