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How do I export my network data?


With Auvik’s export feature, you can easily save a copy of your network data. Right now, you can export to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx). We’ll be adding more export formats in the future.

You can also export discovery administration details for all discovered devices and networks.

Using export spreadsheet

To export data, click the Export button in the entity menu bar below the map. You can export data from anywhere within Auvik. The system will export all data related to the network or device you’re looking at.

For example, if you’re on the alerts tab for the device CISCO_2801, clicking the export button will export all data for that device, not just the alerts.

Similarly, if you’re on the home dashboard for your network, it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a specific tab. Clicking Export will export all data applicable to your company’s network, not just the tab that’s active.

The Excel file with your exported data will also contain the name of the entity you were viewing at the time of export, and the date and time the export was completed. This information gives you a handy way to track changes in your network over time.

The data in the export is specific to the date range you had selected in Auvik. For example, if you’re looking at data for the last 6 hours, that’s the data that will be exported to Excel. To export current (real-time) data, make sure to set the date range to Last 10 minutes.

An example of how to use exported data

Let’s say you want to capture an inventory of all devices on your network. No problem! From the home dashboard, click Export. Now you have a portable and editable inventory file of all devices on your network.

Now let’s say you want to capture details of a specific device. When viewing the dashboard for the device, click Export. Now you have an inventory file for that one device.

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