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Downloading the collector in Google Chrome for Mac


In rare cases, the Auvik collector downloads as an .ovf file instead of an .ova file.

Chances are, if you’re seeing this happen it’s because you’re using Google Chrome on a Mac. It’s due to a known issue when the Hide Extension option is checked.

There are two ways to get around the problem and ensure you download a proper .ova file.

Option 1

  1. When the Select Your Download Location window appears, uncheck Hide Extension. (It’s located in the bottom left of the window.)
  2. Click Save.

Option 2

  1. From your browser's Preferences screen, click Show Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page.
  2. Scroll down to Downloads and uncheck Ask where to save each file before downloading.
  3. Make sure the default download location is set to the place you’d like the downloaded file to go.
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