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What information about my network does Auvik collect?


Auvik collects the authentication credentials of network devices.

Auvik needs credential information to see your devices and how they’re connected to one another. All the credentials you share with Auvik are sent to the cloud and stored there using AES-256 encryption. They’re decrypted and made available to the system only as needed for delivering product features.

Auvik logs the configuration data of network devices.

Auvik requires configuration data to better understand your network. Auvik analyzes how configuration changes affect performance, allowing you to optimize network performance over time. Like credentials, all configuration data is encrypted using AES-256.

Auvik collects anonymized network metadata.

Auvik usually keeps some high-level anonymized metadata from your account. For example, we might log the connection speeds between devices, the number of bytes sent, and usage statistics. We aggregate this metadata with metadata from other accounts. It’s used solely for the purpose of analyzing and optimizing our system performance. The data isn’t encrypted but is stored in a secure database. Since the data is anonymized, no one could ever acquire information about your specific network with it.

Auvik doesn’t see any traffic content sent through a network.

If someone sends an email on your network, for example, Auvik would know how many bytes were transmitted. But there’s no way for our system to read the content of the transmitted packets.

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