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How to enable SNMP on TP-LINK managed switches


You’ll need administrative access to your TP-LINK managed switch to enable SNMP on it.

From the TP-LINK administrative interface:

  1. Navigate to the SNMP tab.
  2. Under Global Config > SNMP, select Enable, then click Apply.
  3. Navigate to the SNMP View tab.
  4. In the View Table, create a “defaultView” that include MIB Object ID 1 to allow all MIBs in the hierarchical MIB tree.
  5. Navigate to the SNMP Community tab.
  6. Under Community Config, provide a community name (note the 16-character limit).
  7. Under Access, ensure Read-only is selected.
  8. Click Create.

Add your new community string to Auvik:

  1. In Auvik’s side navigation bar, click Discovery > SNMP Credentials.
  2. Click Add SNMP Credentials. Complete the form.
  3. Click Save SNMP Credentials.

On the next discovery cycle, you’ll find rich monitoring information and alerting enabled for your TP-LINK managed switch.

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