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What security protocols are in place for the terminal?


To ensure the security of your network, we have removed auto-login on the terminal. No matter how Auvik tunnels into a device, you’ll always be asked to authenticate.

  • If you’ve added SSH credentials to Auvik, we’ll prompt you for your Auvik password when you launch the terminal, then we’ll use SSH to authenticate the device.
  • If we notice SSH is running but we don't have credentials for the particular device you’re accessing, we’ll prompt you for a one-time use of your SSH credentials. These credentials are wiped from the system after being used.
  • If SSH isn’t available, we’ll Telnet in to the device. You’ll need to input your Telnet login credentials into the terminal.

Auvik communicates with your devices using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). In a future release, we’ll be adding logging of all keystrokes.

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