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Known issue between Auvik’s collector and VMware vSphere


After the Auvik collector has been imported into VMware vSphere, some users experience an issue with numbers that multiply.

The issue occurs when you click on the Console tab in the vSphere client to set a static IP address for the Auvik collector. For example, 192 might appear as 1922222222222.

There are two ways to fix this issue:

1. Update the vSphere configuration

Update the configuration of vSphere according to this VMware knowledge base article:

Repeated characters when typing in remote console (196)

2. Open console from the Auvik Agent menu

Instead of clicking on the Console tab from the vSphere client, right-click on the Auvik collector and click Open Console from the menu.

Once the console is open, you'll be able to set a static IP address without the numbers multiplying.

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