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Using single sign-on (SSO) to Auvik


What is single sign-on?

Single sign-on (SSO) provides an easy way to access multiple websites or applications using a single account. In the case of Auvik, you can use SSO by connecting Auvik to an existing Google account.

How do I log into Auvik using SSO?

When you signed up with Auvik, you gave us an email address. As long as that email address is connected to a valid Google account, you can associate your Auvik account with Google.

Make sure you’re logged into your Google account. Then, from the Auvik sign-in screen, click the Log In With Google button.

If this is the first time you’re using Google with Auvik, you’ll be asked to allow Auvik access to your Google account for verifying login credentials. Click Allow access. You’ll be taken to your Auvik dashboard.

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    James Ratcliff

    Please let us know if you implement SSO with Office 365.

  • Avatar
    Dan Brook

    We'd love Auvik to support SAML for SSO.

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    Ray Patel

    Hi James & Dan, thank you both for reaching out. We are looking to support single sign on within Auvik using a SAML2-compliant IDP. I've added both of you as requestors for this feature internally, and we'll follow up with you at a future point to learn a bit more about your specific implementations and use cases.

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    Erik Sundet

    Hi, add me to the SAML2-list, the google integration is ok for enterprises but not usable for msps that will give end customers insight into the portal. Ideally we should be able to define our own IdP that we have full control over.

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