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How do I activate an account?


Auvik was built for a business environment, so we don’t recommend it for home or lab use.

When requesting a trial with Auvik, we ask you to specify whether you're an MSP or IT service provider or in-house corporate IT.  Choose the version that matches your intended Auvik use. An MSP account allows you to manage multiple client networks at once. A corporate IT account does not.

Request a trial with Auvik

  1. Go to and click the Request Free Trial button.
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Select the appropriate I am option that applies to you
    1. If you manage multiple networks, select An MSP or IT service provider
    2. If you manage a single corporate network, select In-house corporate IT
  4. Select if you were referred by anyone. If yes, please provide the referrer’s email address
  5. Check if you are interested in receiving news and updates from Auvik
  6. Click Request a trial

Once your form is submitted, an Auvik team member will contact you to get you set up.

If you’ve already talked to a member of our sales team and are ready to get started with your trial, click on the account signup link your Auvik account manager sent to you by email.

Request a trial through Continuum

If you’re a Continuum partner and would like to use the Auvik / Continuum integration, please contact your Continuum account manager about starting an Auvik trial.

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