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Manually Linking IPs FAQ


Can I manually link more than one IP to a device?

Yes, you can.  You are only restricted to linking one IP at a time.

Can I unlink a System Assigned IP from a device?

Not directly. To remove a System Assigned IP from a device, you need to manually link the IP to another device.

What if I manually link the wrong IP to a device?

You need to follow the ‘Unlink an IP for this device’ process.

What if the IP I remove from a device is its last assigned IP?

The device will then have no IP and will be deleted from the system at that time.

How would I get the device back online into the tenant?

Unlink the manually linked IP address the next time the IP address is polled, or the IP is aged out from system maintenance.

How do I track who linked or unlinked an IP from a device?

Linking and unlinking and IP from a device are tracked in the tenant Audit logs.

Can a new device automatically take the manually linked IP from a device?

No, the manual linking of an IP to a device is the final decision-maker if two devices report the same IP. You would need to unlink the IP from the manually linked device to have the new device have the system assign the IP.

Can I manually link an IP if it’s already been manually linked to another device?

As long as the IP shows up in the drop-down, you may then link it to another device. It will then remove it from the previously linked device. If the IP does not show up in the available IPs when attempting to manually link, you would need to unlink the manually linked IP from the device it is currently linked to. You would then be able to have it show up in the list and be able to link it then.

What will happen when manually linking an IP to a device using specific credentials to another device without access to those credentials?

There may be a delay in polling attributes until the normal deletion threshold is reached. 

Why do I manually need to link an IP to a device?  Shouldn’t Auvik do this for me?

Auvik does its best using several discovery and information gathering methods to properly assign the correct IP(s) to a device using its consolidation engine.  Sometimes there is not enough information gathered to make a correct association. Auvik is providing this tool as a fallback measure for its clients to adjust connections if needed without the need to involve Auvik in the decision-making and to allow for faster resolution for its clients.

I want to see a list of all manually linked IPs. Where do I find this?

Auvik does not provide this ability yet.

Note: If in doubt, you can always delete the device and allow it to be rediscovered.

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