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Creating a read-only user on a WatchGuard Firebox or XTM device


WatchGuard firewalls come preconfigured with both a read-only and read-write account. The default credentials for these accounts are as follows:

  • Default read-only: status/readonly
  • Default read-write: admin/readwrite

On these default user accounts, only the password can be changed. If you want to create your own read-only account on the firewall, follow the steps below:

How to create a new read-only user account

  1. Log into the WatchGuard Firebox or XTM web console.
  2. Navigate to File > Manage Users and Roles.
  3. Enter your administrator credentials and select the proper authentication server.
  4. Click Add…
  5. Type a user name.
  6. Set the authentication server to Firebox DB.
  7. Set role to Device Monitor.
  8. Enter a password.
  9. Click OK.

Once you’ve created your read-only account, your next step is to add the login credentials into Auvik. See How do I add, edit, delete, or retry login credentials?

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