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How do I troubleshoot device credentials?


Auvik uses the credentials you provide to help with discovery, topology, and a variety of other product features.

Auvik notifies you when credentials are needed for a newly discovered device. The notification appears in a banner at the top of the client dashboard. Once you've entered new credentials, Auvik tries those credentials against each device to which they apply.

If credentials aren't authorized, you can diagnose the issue using the device dashboard. The troubleshooting screens walk you through the steps to authorize devices. The steps include:

  • Is the device marked as Managed in Auvik?
  • Is the service enabled in Auvik for the device?
  • Is the service enabled on the device?
  • Is the service running on a custom port?
  • Have the credentials been added?

For more details on how to use the troubleshooting pages for each discovery service that requires credential authentication, please see:

For more information about how Auvik uses credentials, see How are my credentials used?

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