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2017W20 release - May 17, 2017


NEW! Filter the map for managed or unmanaged devices

Most devices Auvik has scanned are marked as managed. That means they’re monitored, alerted on, included within reports, and billed for. But sometimes it makes sense to unmanage a device—say, if it’s managed by a third party but still being picked up by Auvik.

Now you can type the word “managed” or “unmanaged” into the search or filter box to find devices by management status.

NEW! Change the background of the map

You can already change the color scheme of the user interface and upload your own logos and favicons for white labeling. Now you can also change the default off-white background color for topology maps.

NEW! UPS alert trigger conditions for voltage

Keeping an eye on your UPS voltage levels is never a bad idea. There are now three new trigger conditions you can use in alert definitions: UPS input voltage, UPS output voltage, and battery voltage.

IMPROVED! Switch stack classification

Previously, if a switch with stacking support was detected, it was automatically modeled as a stack with a single member. We’ve changed that: You’ll now see stacks being classified as stacks only when there’s more than one member. If there’s just one member, the device is automatically classified as a single switch. If you add a second member and configure it to stack with the first, Auvik detects the second member and reclassifies the devices appropriately.

BETA! Billing usage API

In our last release, we gave you access to detailed billing usage statistics. Now, the first API (application programming interface) we’re releasing is to report on billing usage. Using the API, you can programmatically retrieve a list of billable devices for a given set of client accounts over a specified time range. The API is in beta.

Contact if you’re interested in accessing the billing usage API.

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