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2017W16 release - April 20, 2017


NEW! User role mapping

Auvik is actively working on allowing you to assign users to custom roles on a per-client basis. As part of this initiative, we’ve introduced a couple of new workflows. You can now:

You can assign user roles when people are being invited to Auvik for the first time or after their account is already created.

By default, user permissions for a multi-client account apply to all nested client accounts, but you can change this as needed.

IMPROVED! Shared collector scans

Previously, when a shared collector was attached to a client account, the shared collector’s subnet was automatically set to scan. This could lead to the same subnet being scanned multiple times if the shared collector was attached to multiple accounts.

Now, when a shared collector is attached, it won’t autoscan the first subnet. You can start discovery on the client network by adding a subnet at Discovery > Manage Networks.

IMPROVED! OID monitor table

On a client account, you can view a list of all defined OID monitors at Debug > All OID Monitors. A new column in that OID table now shows you each OID’s description. This information helps you quickly see client OID monitors by name and value.

Remember: You can define new OID monitors at Discovery > Discovery Settings > Monitor Settings.

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