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2017W12 release - March 22, 2017


NEW! User-initiated two-factor resets

We’ve all been there—you’ve changed or reset your smartphone, and with that comes a reset of all your two-factor (2FA) tokens. Previously, you needed to give the Auvik support team a shout to reset your 2FA token. Now you can ask any colleague with Auvik admin privileges to initiate a 2FA reset for you. You’ll get an email to confirm the reset before it takes place.

NEW! Auvik support access

If you’ve ever reached out to the Auvik support team, chances are good we’ve asked for a read-only invite to your account so we can take a look. Now, to allow multiple Auvik employees to help with the same case, we’re introducing the concept of a support group. Instead of granting access to individual Auvik team members, you can simply authorize a single Auvik support group. This is a step towards more granular access control.

Some notes:

  • If your company signed up with Auvik on or before March 22, 2017, group support access is disabled by default. When submitting a support ticket, please make sure to enable support access.
  • If your company signed up with Auvik after March 22, 2017, group support access is enabled by default with read-only permissions. It can be disabled at anytime.
  • Support access has three permission levels: no access, read-only, and admin (read/write).

When reporting issues to the support team, remember to include the client domain prefix so we know which client to investigate for the issue.

IMPROVED! Interface alert descriptions

Alerts about interfaces, such as utilization and operational status, now include the interface’s description when it’s available.

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